Monday, April 30

Me, the Movie Pastor, and Impressions

Here's a picture at Elevation Church with Pastor David Anderson of Crosspoint Community Church... we had an awesome time together.

You can check out his Dave's blog here... (hey, D... the last name's spelled "PLUM-MER", not "Plum"... lol)

By the way, I received a call this evening from one of the volunteers at Elevation, expressing their appreciation for me visiting their service. Almost 2,000 people... and I get a "first time visitors call" the very next day... impressive, indeed!


dave said...

D-PLUM-MER! Dang dude - I type a lot faster than I think - sorry I blew your name - sorta sad since I was looking at your blog and your card when did my post.

I got a call too - i was surprised. Made me think Im doing it all wrong - I only send a thank you gift in the mail.

Ben said...

Darren, can't wait to catch up with you to hear about the experience in more detail. I hope you took lots more pictures....