Thursday, May 17

The Dream's Alive!

Well, whaddya know...

The dream's alive! Funny how, even when things look dim, God has a way of blowing our minds! After working through some miscommunication, I'll be headed up to South Haven next week after all!

SIDEBAR: Important Leadership Lesson - "Some dudes" have your back, even when it seems like they don't. ;-)

But... South Haven, here I come!

When I look back at the past 12 hours, I see that I had a choice of "life and death" before me. "Death" was getting bent out of shape, and losing my temper - because I couldn't for the LIFE of me (no pun intended) see why this had to be a closed door. "Life" was choosing God's way of humility and submission, and accepting - although I didn't understand - His answer. Had I chosen the anger route, which I really wanted to choose (I kept trying to fit this under "righteous indignation", but God wouldn't let me get away with it), I might have unnecesarily caused irreparable damage to some relationships. By choosing submission, when it came time for the issue to be pressed - for the envelope to be pushed - there was no tension to wade through and dialogue could take place in a God-honoring way.

Yes... there was a time when I would've ranted and raved, because of being treated "unfairly." But I'm learning that it always pays to remember this ... and this.

Somebody out there needs to take heed: "Chill... and be still."

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