Thursday, May 17

God is in the Dashed Dream!


I wanna scream, but I refuse to.

Some of you know that I was hoping to be able to attend Bill Hybels' Leadership Development/Mentoring thing he does in South Haven, MI a few times a year, but that won't be (at least, not this time around). I found out today that I can't miss our state convention's Church Planters' Network meeting to go up to South Haven... so, it doesn't matter now if I get the scholarship because I can't use it (for those of you who prayed... thanks).

I was really upset at first... okay, I still am sorta... but my lovely wife (what would I do without her?) reminded me that what God has for me is for me... and, if I'm unable to go this time around, it's because God said so... not because some dude put his foot down.

Well, when you put it that way... :-)

This passage in the Bible lets me know that God thinks about me all the time... and I know that He cares about what's important to me. He understands (even if man doesn't) how HUGE going to South Haven would've been for me... and although it really stinks that I can't go, I trust Him enough to know that His way is best. And He loves me enough to give me only what's best for me.

Even if I don't like it. ;-)

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