Thursday, April 12

Imus: Funny or Foolish?

Don Imus lost his syndicated radio talk show, because of racially-insensitive and basically rude remarks that he made regarding the Rutgers' Women's basketball team. MSNBC gave him the boot yesterday... you can read the full article here. Ok... so, I've heard alot of different thoughts on the matter: "

"He deserved to lose the show!"

"Well, he did say he was only joking..."

"Now, CBS should fire him!"

"Well, he did apologize to the team..."

"C'mon... the NAACP makes a big deal out of everything. If you just say, 'The sky is black,' you're in trouble with them!"

Ok, Darren... what's your take? Here's my take:

When you act foolishly, you deal with the consequences. Enough said... but I'll say more.

The issue isn't whether or not he was joking, or even whether he apologized or not... the issue is that he made a really asinine and stupid remark ABOUT AN ENTIRE RACIAL COMMUNITY, and he has alot of influence because of his position. Had it been a private comment, it still would've been wrong but he wouldn't have had the backlash. And Imus has been known to make really stupid and insensitive comments before, too.

Bottom line: it speaks to a bigger issue of what's really in his heart.

Check out what Jesus says about careless words here. Strong words...

Even Madea says, "When somebody shows you who they really are... believe them!" :-)

'Nuff said.

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