Wednesday, April 4

He Did It Again...

He made it...

Sanjaya made it again.

I'm tellin' you... the kid is like a cat with nine lives! He's "vote-off" invincible!!! He's got so many people calling in for him that he doesn't even land in the bottom three anymore!!

This is crazy. Maybe it's because he's got the El DeBarge thing going on...

I don't know... only "Time Will Reveal"! ;-)

BTW... my apologies to any of my blog subscribers who missed the "Sanjaya video" post from yesterday. I forgot that uploaded videos don't come through in the subscription format... my bad... you were probably lost in the sauce! I know you were like, "Who the heck is he talking about??" Well, now you know. ;-)

But is it wild or what?

Ok... no more American Idol posts for a while.

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