Tuesday, April 3

Not A Cakewalk...

People often think of security officers as kicking back, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee... not doing their job. That is definitely not the case with CNN Security! I was a CNN Security Officer in Atlanta, as well as here in DC. The training of CNN officers is rigorous, and they are very well-prepared to handle crazy situations that may arise (like today's shooting).

Please pray for Ozell Adams and his family, as they will be hounded by the media in the next several days... some will rightly celebrate him as a hero; others will no doubt say he acted presumptuously. Pray also for the family of the young lady who was killed... What a crazy, sin-sick world we live in... one that JESUS loves and gave His life for!

This event today is another reason why we cannot be silent about the truth of the Gospel. Jesus died to save sinners... including the gunman who killed the young lady!

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