Monday, February 26

I Left My Heart In Albuquerque...


We were commissioned as Church Planters today with NAMB! That doesn't mean I've been illegitimate up til now... just means I didn't have a certificate... which means... I'm not sure what it means. But whatever it means... I'm good! ;-)

We spent an afternoon with our new friends, Chet and Diana Stewart... what an AWESOME couple!! We chilled with them in their very beautiful house, and shared God-stories... then went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner. They are incredible people with HUGE hearts... Chet and Diana, we're looking forward to getting to know you guys better!

Well, our time in Albuquerque is quickly winding down to an end... I'm going to miss all of our new friends we met this weekend. We didn't see any roadrunners or coyotes... but we had a great time. Can't wait to get back to this beautiful city!

Last year this time, I was healing from my second glaucoma surgery, and could hardly see 2 feet in front of me. Today, I was marveling at the beautiful Sandia Mountains and the breathtaking Rio Grande River (from Chet and Diana's living room window!) and just the awesomeness of our wonderful Creator...

O Lord, how excellent is Your name is all the earth!!!!!!!!!

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