Sunday, February 25

Having a Ball in Albuquerque!!

Man, we are having a great time here in New Meh-hee-co!! The NAMB sessions here have been good... and I'll tell you something: the North American Mission Board peeps know how to plan an event! They've done a marvelous job with all the coordinating and thinking through all the details to make this event was it has been... and they are servants, big-time! I must say that I'm proud to be a NAMB Church Planter!

We've made some awesome connections, too! Meet The BBR Crew: Jody & Emily, Jonathan, and Jonathan & Christie (hope I spelled that right!) These are Keda's and my new peeps! We had a great time hanging out this afternoon/evening... we had each other laughing so hard, we had to use the bathroom! ;-) Seriously, though, they're awesome... we're going to have to plan an Annual BBR Reunion! Each year, a different city... yeah, baby!! I'll bring the jokes, and plenty of Depends! Ha!

Okay... pray for these guys, as they're doing some great things in their ministry fields: Jonathan & Christie Jones are serving as missionaries at a church plant and overseeing a food pantry in Salt Lake City, Utah (really pray for this guy, because he kept trying to hold my hand...????...ha!) Jonathan Stockstill is serving as a Church Planting Strategist in LA (this dude is hilariously funny... for an old guy); and Jody & Emily Jennings are planting a church in Bismarck, North Dakota... don't ask me why, but that's where they are... pray specifically that the Jennings will stop acting like Jonah... running from the Lord... and heed the Spirit's call to College Park. :-) No, really... I love all these guys, and they all tremendously made an impact on Keda and I this weekend. And big ups to Baby BBR Lukey the Dukey, too!!

Here's a really neat thing: remember my posts about Steven Furtick and Elevation Church? (If not, read the posts for Feb. 6 and Feb. 16) Well, wouldn't ya know... JODY AND EMILY ARE RELATED TO THE DUDE!!!!! Steven married Emily's sister (connection in and of itself), AND JODY IS THE BRO THAT LED STEVEN TO CHRIST... ji-mi-NEEZ!!! TOTALLY blew Keda's and my mind! And Jody... I just wanna say, bro, that our supercalifragilisticexpealidociously-long conversation on Friday night really blessed my socks off... for real. I've never talked to one person for four hours straight in my life... okay, I've talked to Keda for that long, but that doesn't count. We touched on everything from Calvin to Cortney :-), from SBC to BBR (wait... that was tonight), from missions to mazungus... totally awesome, my friend... totally awesome. You'd make an awesome ministry partner, man... you know I'm not afraid of the BIG ASK!!! ;-) You wouldn't be able to raise buffaloes anymore, but we'd find you some kind of pet...

Oh... before I forget... check out Emily's blog, Macaroni and Cheese! Yeah, Emily, I'm giving you props, even though you busted on me in Walgreens... :-) Also, Christie, you get big mad props, too, just for keeping up with Keda in the laugh department!! :-) I might call you guys every month, just to tell jokes...

Well, it's getting late here in the big SW... got some friends, old and new, to pray for... and Keda Beda dun fell asleep on a bruh. ;-) She's probably really tired, though, since she laughed enough for all of us tonight. You know what, though? She is really beautiful, even when she's sleeping...

Ok... good night... and thanks for partnering with us! ;-)

Signing off,
The BBR Chief

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Joe Outlaw said...


God's Spirit was evident throughout the weekend!

Thanks to you and your wife and the whole BBR crew for making it such joy for us all.

It is a pleasure to serve you and I pray we can help you be more effective and productive in your ministry and calling as we continue this journey together.

Joe Outlaw
micah 6:8