Friday, February 23



Okay... I'm TOTALLY siced (DC old school word) about the FREE WIFI at the hotel! They were telling the truth... it really is $9.95/night, but they have this special where you can sign up for a hotel "membership" (free) to receive e-newsletters/discounts... and when you do that, they give you the internet access for free. I'll take a little spam here and there for free access, baby! ;-)

Our flight was pretty cool... well, Keda hates flying, so you'll have to check with her for her take on that! :-) On our first flight (we had to make a connection in Denver), we watched a movie called The Prestige... which was good... definitely worth checking out!! The trip was almost 4 hours, so the movie made the time go back quicker. We also watched My Name is Earl... I'd never really watched it before, but it had me cracking up! On the same flight, I met a guy named Gary from Rockville... who was on his way to WYOMING to drive his mom back to the East Coast. Gary, if you're reading this, it was great meeting you, dude! Look forward to seeing you at MOSAIC soon! ;-)

We arrived in Albuquerque at around 6:30 or so... the airport was really neat, because it was like culture shock to us! Other than Dallas, TX, I've never been to the Southwest before... and this is SW Culture, big-time!! Here was something neat: our hotel shuttle driver, Devin, just came back from Columbia, MD... his parents moved there about 6 months ago... he was 20 minutes from us and now we meet him in a van in Albuquerque... how neat is that? Hopefully, he'll meet Jesus before we leave... ;-)

Then, at the restaurant in our hotel lobby, our waiter, Raymond, told us he grew up, and spent most of his life, in DC... Lincoln Park! Now that's pretty wild... three DC area connections on the first day of our trip!

Okay... well you guys pray for us while we're out here in NM! I'm hoping to post some pics of Albuquerque next week... stay tuned! ;-)

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rindy said...

The funny and awesome thing about your posts is that I can almost hear you talking...I love it!! And no computer withdrawal is a good thing!!