Wednesday, February 21

New Horizons, New Friends, & Expensive WIFI

Keda and I have the opportunity to visit Albuquerque, NM over the next few days. That's where we will be commissioned by the North American Mission Board as Church Planting Missionaries. The furthest west either of us have been is Colorado, back in 2000... so, this will be an awesome experience! I've heard nothing but great things about the Commissioning ceremony... and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Also, while we're there, we'll have the opportunity to hook up with Chet Stewart and his wife Diana. Chet is a father figure and mentor to my buddy Goodie Goodloe, who is on staff at Mosaic Church in L.A. (Beverly Hills campus) as a Catalyst and Connection Leader. Big ups for the connection, Goodie! Chet & Diana... we're flyin' your way!!!

I'll tell you what, though... I remember growing up in church, and praying that God would NOT make me a missionary... On the other hand, Keda believed as a young girl that God WAS calling her to missions... now look what she's got me into! HA! ;-)

And God still seems to listen to her more than me...

Okay... I just found out that our hotel out there charges $10/day for internet access... jimineez!!!!!!! Goodness gracious... whatever happened to free WI-FI?? I doubt highly that NAMB will be covering that cost... so, it looks like I will be OFF-LINE until Monday night, people!

Pray that I don't go into withdrawals...

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