Wednesday, February 7

Wouldn't Have Thunked It!

Oh, snap... those 4 guys are in high school!!!! Amazing! I thought they looked young, but when it's been 20+ years since you graduated from high school, everybody looks young, ya know? High school seniors... wow. It's cool, though... Stanley wants to be an Anesthesiologist (don't EVEN know if I spelled that right); Vince wants to be a Pharmacist; Justin wants to be an Endo-something or other (he said it has to do with hormones...????); and Chris wants to be an Architect.

Nice kids, though... invited them out to Mosaic... who knows? Maybe we'll see them around! And maybe... just maybe... one day those guys will be sent out from Mosaic as medical missionaries!

And JUST MAYBE... Chris can build them a Missionary Medical Facility!!! :-)

You never know! 20 years ago, my teachers would have laughed at you if you told them I'd be a pastor! ;-)

Man, those guys are sharp...

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