Friday, February 9

"Rocky WHO?!

I was in Starbucks again yesterday, and I was sitting at the same table where I sat two days ago (remember the 4 rocket scientists I met??). This time, there was a young lady across from me... she watched my laptop/stuff for me when I went to feed the parking meter, and when I came back I decided to start a conversation with her and invite her out to Mosaic. Here's how the conversation went:

"Hey, thanks for watching my stuff... I'm Darren - what's your name?"

"I'm Talia... what'd you say your name was again?"

"Darren... so, it's Talia... like Talia Shire?"

Eeeeeerrrttt!!!! (loud tires-screeching sound...) Okay, hold it a sec... just in case you don't know who Talia Shire is - and you should - she played the role of "Adrian" in the Rocky movies. Okay, you can start driving again.

"Talia who?" (uh-oh...)

"Talia Shire... she played "Adrian" in the Rocky movies."

"The what movies?"

"The ROCKY movies... you know, as in Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Roc... wait a minute, you've never heard of them??" (I should've done the theme song for her!!)

"Ummm... no... how old are they?"

"Well, Rocky VI just came out, like, last fall! You're pulling my leg, though, right? You're trying to make me feel really old?? Sylvester Stallone... ROCKY?!?! Hey, do you know some guys named Stanley, Vince, Justin, and Chris??"
She didn't.
I wanted to tell her she should get out more.
I didn't.
But she should.

SO... I left the Rocky convo, told her I'm a pastor starting a new church in the area, and gave her a Mosaic impact card.

"What's Mosaic? Is it a kind of church or something?"
"Ummm... yes, that's what it says right there... Mosaic... Community... Church."

"Oh... I'm Jewish... but I'll give this to my roommate!"
And so went the conversation... but it's all good! Maybe I'll run into Talia again... maybe she will have watched Rocky I... and maybe - just maybe - she'll log onto our website and have her interest peaked about a group of people that worship a Jewish carpenter who died so that we might live!
You never know... stranger things have happened.

Like meeting someone who's never heard of Rocky... :-)

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rindy said...

I am so enjoying your posts...because I can so relate...definitely dating yourself though!! ;)