Wednesday, February 7

Going Deep...

I'm sitting here in Starbucks at a table where, across from me, are four guys: two Asians, one Middle Eastern, and the other is Black (how neat is that???). They're studying some kind of math... I don't know, maybe Calculus or some kind of Engineering class or something... all I know is that I'm hearing stuff like, "Take the derivative... multiply the reciprocal... plug in the interval of 0-1... and the answer is -x cubed!" What the heck?!?

I have NO IDEA what they're talking about (one of them just asked, "Is that the area?") They definitely are deep!

But I'm about to go deeper!!!!! Their world is about to get introduced to the One who spoke the worlds into existence without equations and derivatives!!!! "It appeared at His command!" (Ps. 33:9). The same God can speak to their hearts right now... in Jesus' name!

(Oh, Lord... one of them just mentioned something about anti-derivatives... maybe I should wait! Just kidding...)

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