Tuesday, February 13

My Blog Influences, Pt. 1

I've been getting a lot of great feedback and encouragement about my blog lately... thanks, guys! I love to write, and blogging is still pretty new to me... fortuantely, I've had some pretty good pastors/church planters/bloggers who have been very influential to me in this regard... so, I'll highlight some of them for you over the next couple of days. You'll see the different influences from each guy, I think... although my writing style is definitely my own. Most definitely check out their blogs... I think you'd enjoy them!

First up is Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in SC... he's funny, very straight-forward (so, consider blasting him before you blast me about something in my posts, b/c it's probably influenced by him), and crazy-passionate about Jesus. I tend to hover around guys who are big dreamers and who have a radical faith in God's ability to do WAY more than we can imagine... Perry is definitely one of those guys!

p.s. For those who keep up with innovative churches, you're probably familiar with the "Simply Strategic" guys (from Granger Community Church)... well, Tony Morgan is now on Perry Noble's staff... just in case you didn't know. :-)

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