Thursday, February 15

Blog Influences, Pt. 2

Another blog that has really influenced my own blogging is Bob and I have dialogued some (he even sent me his book, Elements, which is really good but which I still haven't finished... sorry, Bob), and I appreciate his wisdom... we even have the same favorite baseball team: the Boston Red Sox!!

Bob is the Lead Pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miami Lakes, FL, which has grown from a couple of handfuls of people to over 600 in just a few years... interestingly enough, I came across Bob's blog via a link from Perry Noble's, back in October... his posts are staight to the point, no chaser... and usually include some good leadership tidbits. He's a monster reader, too (also like me) - I've been turned me on to some really good reads from his posts. Check out his blog, you won't be dissappointed...

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