Monday, February 12

New Sermon Series: iGod

I started a 3-part message series yesterday called iGod... the series will deal with three aspects of God that's not as familiar to those outside of church. Yesterday's message was The Lover, as we looked at how God passionately pursues us... and how His love for us is unexplainable, unconditional, and undeniable. At next month's preview service, we'll talk about God as The Artist... how God has formed and fashioned us for His purpose, and how each one of us are "designer originals." Then, in April (Easter Sunday), we will look at God as The Hero... how He has conquered sin and death on our behalf and has empowered us to live life to the full now!

You don't want to miss these services!! I believe God is going to do something MAJOR... The Lover, The Artist, The Hero... you definitely want to be there!!

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