Thursday, September 21

I Forgot My Sneaks!

The day didn't start off well...

I was scheduled to begin working with a personal trainer today at 9am... but I didn't prepare enough time in my schedule to arrive at the gym on time. I got there, and the trainer was outside... looking for me (which should've been a sign that he was eager to KILL me!).

When I was getting out of the van, I grabbed my bag and immediately thought, "Oh, no... I FORGOT MY SNEAKS! AUGGGHHH!!" I walked up to the trainer and said, "Man, I forgot my sneaks..." Now, I figured he'd say, "Ok... we'll just do a consultation today." But nooooo... he was like, "Oh, that's okay... we'll be cool!" (Again, I should've taken this as a sign... egads!)

So, after changing, I walked back into the gym wearing my shorts, a t-shirt... and black Skechers!!" Man! All because of a failure to plan...

Spiritually, we often do the same thing: we stumble through life, hitting and missing in different areas, sometimes experiencing very little joy (but much defeat)... often because we fail to prepare. The Bible says, "Prepare your minds for action..." (1 Pet. 1:13) We prepare by staying on our knees in prayer; we prepare by making a spiritual habit of reading and studying the Bible and acting on what we learn... so that when the enemy comes at us, we'll be prepared for action!

So, get ready... today may be your day... don't let the enemy catch you unprepared!

And whatever you do, don't show up for your workout with SKECHERS!!!! :-)

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