Thursday, October 5


In Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference... which, by the way, is OFF THE CHAIN!!! Getting a lot of leadership tidbits from the likes of Andy Stanley, Marcus Buckingham, George Barna, and John Maxwell (today). More guys tomorrow...

The worship has been crazy! That's "good", for those of you who had an eyebrow raised... :-) Just an awesome experience!

Also, there are a couple hundred ministry booths here... which, for information/resource buffs like myself, is a cool thing!! RESOURCES, RESOURCES, AND MORE RESOURCES!!!! Too much to gather in one scoop... so, I'll make more rounds tomorrow! :-)

LEADERSHIP NUGGET FOR THE DAY: "Leadership is stewardship... it is a temporary gift from God. We must lead well and with diligence, because God can remove us as leaders at any time." - Andy Stanley

"The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes... Heaven rules." (Daniel 4:25-26).

Catch ya tomorrow! ;-)

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