Tuesday, August 29

Pride Comes Before a Fall!

I was playing my son, Shawn, in a game of Uno this evening... best 2 out of 3. I told him before we got started, "Get ready for the worst whippin' of your life, boy!!" After he called out "Uno!" during Game 1, he said, "Get ready for the worst whippin' of your life!" and then he threw out his last card. I had called "Uno" about 5 minutes before, and all of a sudden ended up with about 20 more cards. Game 2 was much of the same... I got whupped again. He's turned into quite the Uno player for a 7-year old! He's watched Dad... now he whups Dad. He's glad; and that's sad. How bad! (sorry... my Dr. Seuss influence comes out from time to time...)

That's kinda how it is in the Christian life: our enemy, the Devil, watches us... he studies us. He doesn't know everything there is to know; he's not all-knowing and all-wise like our Father. So, he "takes notes" on us... allows us to get over-confident in ourselves and our ability to live out this Christ-life... and, when we least expect it - right when we thought we were doing so well - WHAM!! He nails us. "Uno!!" He's won again; we're not as good at this thing as we thought we were, are we?

I'm UNLEARNING the idea that I'm a strong Christian. I'm UNLEARNING the fact that I have "mad skillz" in this thing... I'm only as strong as I'm depending on the Father. Without Him, I'm nothing!

I can't even play a good game of Uno...

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Brandon said...

Great illustration, brother. That'll preach! We're praying for you... not just because of the SBCV Week of Prayer - but because we truly care for you guys and can't wait to see what God has in store for you.