Sunday, May 14

Introduction to MosaicLand!

We're about creating a community of passionate Christ-followers... people of all backgrounds and cultures coming together to represent the Lord Jesus Christ! The Bible says that God loved the world so much, that He gave His only Son Jesus to die for the world... so that whoever would believe in Him (put their total faith, trust, and reliance in Him) would never have to worry about spending eternity separated from Him, but would have eternal life - they would forever be a part of God's family. God is about giving people everywhere a new life and a new destiny!

At Mosaic Community Church, we're committed to seeing radical, transformed lives and helping people discover their purpose in life - their God-given, divine calling to shine for Him. He wants all of His followers to make an impact for Him, no matter what their background or occupation or station in life - all those who follow Him can impact others for eternity.

Until later,


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Ray Kennedy said...

Pastor Plummer,

Janel and I are extremely happy for you on the occasion of the launch of Mosiac Community Church. I've known you for years and have always been impressed by your love for family, especially your own. So I am confident the church will be a family church because that's how you are.

I believe the greatest battle being fought in America today is for the souls of families. You have been a great war general in the fight for families and I look forward to teaming with you in the future.


Ray and Janel Kennedy
Director, FamilyLife Regional Ministry Team