Friday, May 26

I'M BACK!!!!

In the immortal words of the rapper, Rakim, "It's been a long time...!" Yeah, yeah... sometimes it's like that, ya know? Actually, I'm kinda new to this "blog" thing, but I'll get on the ball and try to publish at least a little something-something daily.

Well, you know that you are a stressed (or seriously backslidden) Christ-follower when you yell out of your car window, "Hey, watch it, you..." Now, I can honestly say that I didn't finish that sentence; but I knew my heart needed some serious surgery at that point, man! Some of you know what I'm talking about... So, later today I began meditating on Eph. 4:2-3 and 4:29, and was really grieved because I knew I had blown an opportunity to represent Christ in the midst of craziness. The enemy is so tricky... I think he made that lady pull out in front of me because he knew I hadn't really connected with the Lord today in a major way. I got up running this morning, and kept on running all day. That's why Peter tells us to watch out because the wicked one stalks us like a lion, looking for an opportunity to devour us. Well, he ate me and my lunch today. But I'm up for another battle...

Man, church-planting is a difficult thing. Sometimes your mood kinda ranges from euphoria (from actually being able to live out your dream) to wanting to be euthanized!! :-) There are so many twists and turns... and tricky people who - for some insane (selfish?) reason - are hell-bent in seeing you not succeed (when will some leaders learn that ministry is not a competition? I'll talk on that in a later post)... but, all the while, I'm learning (re-learning, that is) that GOD IS FAITHFUL! I can truly say that He is keeping my heart strong, despite the surrounding craziness and circumstances... and teaching me to be wholly dependent on and faithful to Him. Yes, church-planting is difficult... but it is one of the most exciting adventures I've ever been a part of. Mad crazy sometimes, but I love it!

Hey, I'm hoping to get an Encounter Bible study started really soon... pray that we can get a really, really cheap - or free - place. The Lord hasn't yet provided the means to be able to rent out the College Park Rec Center; maybe He has something else in mind! I was thinking about doing the small group thing, but I might be leaning towards more of a corporate study, at this point. More and more people are wanting to come out. We'll see what God has to say about it. ;-)

Until next time, PD

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Alexandria M. said...

I actually encountered a similar spiritual reminder on Friday. Starting my day off with the Our Daily Bread Devotional, I read about the power of one's words, specifically from the scripture Proverbs 12:18. I've never been one for a temper, but I have said things carelessly that sometimes result in a misunderstanding. I guess it can go back to the wise adage "think before you speak" i was just moved to share that...