Wednesday, April 8

Do I Trust you??

"Why does everything have to go !through him?"
"I know this area of ministry better than he does "
Before I began pastoring, I had an issue with pastors who wanted to "control everything." Now that I'm a pastor, I think I understand why pastors get such a dogged reputation.
First, let me say... some pastors really are control freaks, and they need to grow up! BUT... sometimes what appears to be a control issue is not - it's a trust issue. Okay, all together... "Hmmmmmm." Yup, a TRUST issue. And rightfully so! Just because you're leading in that ministry doesn't mean you get to do whatever it is you want to, simply because you're the leader. No, you have to prove yourself first. "What do I have to prove?" Well, for starters, are you loyal to the ministry, as well as the Lead Pastor? Before a pastor gives you "free reign", he's gonna want to know that you have the best interest at heart for the ministry. This is huge (and necessary), because some people will bet the farm, because they know the consequences of losing it won't fall on their head. They don't own the ministry... therefore, they have nothing at all to lose!
Also, do you do whatever is necessary to secure a win for the team? In other words, if you're haphazard in the little details and follow-thru, there's NO WAY the pastor will trust you "go for it" without wanting to see the "final draft before gameday!" But when it's clear that you have the ministry's best interest at heart, you work hard at helping the church fulfill it's vision/mission, and you can be counted on to be faithful... you're an incredible asset to the team, because the pastor can rest, knowing you have "your stuff" taken care of!

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Grace McCrorie said...

I really IS the issue. And on the flip side are pastors who give too much free reign. Their heart's in the right place (not wanting to micro-manage their leaders), but they place too much trust in people and fail to adequately maintain awareness of what their leaders are doing.

That awareness is such a necessary component to healthy ministry. I think God uses the pastor to keep all of the team focused on the mission and following a straight path. If no one's steering the boat, the probability is high for either ending up way off course or shipwrecked. And, unfortunately, one or both of those scenarios has occurred by the time the pastor does become aware.

Finding a good balance is DEFINITELY a leadership challenge.