Tuesday, March 3

What Are You Reading?

I try to pass on good books to my Mosaic peeps and my friends/family, as much as I can... so here's what I'm working through now:

1. Deliberate Simplicity - Dave Browning

2. Sticky Church - Larry Osborne

3. Simple Small Groups - Bill Search

4. Activate - Nelson Searcy

5. Why We Make Mistakes - Joseph T. Hallinan

6. The Monkey and the Fish - Dave Gibbons

What about you... what are you reading?


Kevin Davis said...

Let me know what you think of the Simple Small Groups book - sounds interesting.

I'm almost done with Transformational Architecture by Ron Martioa - awesome book. Also started the Shack and I've been reading through the Voice, the new translation of the NT - amazing.

Jason Curlee said...

Overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team by Lencioni

Lasting Impressions by Mark Waltz

Deliberate Simplicity by Dave Browning

It by Craig Groeschel (Again)