Sunday, March 1

Sunday Nite Speak!

* GREAT service tonight... we were up over 100 people...YAY, GOD!!
* Had 5 people baptized... and the church went berserk (after a little coaching, lol) after each one came out of the water! It was AWESOME tonight!
* One of the guys baptized even invited his teacher out!!
* Thought the worship was pretty good... could always be better (but I'm pretty hard on myself). Here was the set:

- Beautiful One (By the Tree)
- I Will Remember You (Brenton Brown)
- Everything Glorious (Crowder)
- From the Inside Out (Hillsong)

* Short message tonight, with all the baptisms... just a very clear presentation of the gospel... a simple lifting up of Jesus!! And I believe He was honored BIG time!
* Romans 3:21-24 rocked my world this entire week! Not that I didn't know it before... I did. But, just reflecting on what John Piper said about it being the most important passage in Scripture, just gave me a deep-seated passion to really highlight that tonight. If man's greatest problem is that he isn't right with God because of sin, then wherever the answer is to that problem might be of the utmost importance, right? I would think so! Thus, this passage... and, man... it rocked my world!!
* Our newest worship team edition, Brandy Stewart, led Hillsong's At the Cross before the message... GREAT JOB! Brandy (who is also a student teacher for my son Shawn's class) is helping us a couple times a month. She actually leads worship at a church in No. Virginia... but I'm praying, lol! ;-)
* Tonight really was a fitting finish (try saying that 10x's fast!) to my crazy week!
* Saw He's Just Not That Into You last night... THAT (no laughing!) was an awesome movie! My sis-in-law, who's my movie buddy, says that it made women look pathetic... idk about that, but it was good. I could definitely see that again (I said, no laughing!!)
* Can't wait to see The Watchmen on Friday nite!! Hoping to go with some Mosaic peeps... should be good times!
* Ok... next Sunday, we start our EXTREME message series... stay tuned this week for more details! ;-)


Doc. K. said...

Pastor D,

PTL on the numerical growth and even more on the baptisms. Keep preaching. Keep discipling. Keep loving. Keep shepherding.


Rindy Walton said...

YEAH!! Way to go God and way to go Darren for pressing forward and following!!