Friday, February 27

Even a Caveman Would Get This...

Have you ever prayed that God would "make His will clear" to you? Have you ever wondered, "What does God want from me?" I've prayed that at times... and have pondered at times why things aren't a little more clear... then at least I'd know which direction to head. That's normal (and, btw, God does make His will clear to us... He doesn't play "Let's keep 'em in the dark!" games)

But there are some times, when we read a verse or passage of Scripture... and God speaks to us as though through a trumpet!!! There are alot of passages in the Bible where we don't have to ask ourselves, "What does this mean? What does God want me to do with this?" We read the passage, are wow'd by it's clarity and conviction, decide to look for another passage to read, and... almost instantaneously... the Holy Spirit says, "Don't even try it... you know what this is about." (Haha! I just LOL'd when I read what I wrote... but isn't it true???)

That's how THIS PASSAGE hit me... it is SO CLEAR... God says, "Wanna know my will? Here you go! Chew on this!"

There are some things that we just don't have to pray about. Clear... as crystal. Some things really are simply black and white.

This is one.

Ponder on that passage... chew on it. Then read this... and this. And you tell me: What does God want?

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