Monday, March 16

Monday Mind Dump...

* Great time at the Gathering last night!
* One of the most exciting things, for me, is to see newer attenders bringing their friends! That is just freaking amazing to me!
* We continued our EXTREME series with EXTREME DEVOTION: Profile of the Obsessed. I stole the sub-title from a chapter of Francis Chan's book... and we looked at one of the most "Jesus-obsessed" people we see in the Scripts: Mary of Bethany. She's my mentor when it comes to devotion to Christ... I learn alot from her (she really is a beast... see also this passage)
* One of the things I like most about Mary's example is that she teaches us to choose WHAT'S BEST over WHAT'S LESS. That's not just a "catchy phrase"... some of us tend to make a habit of settling for less than God's best in our lives, and end up wondering why we're always in crisis mode! Mary demonstrated in reality what this guy did in one of Jesus' stories... I love it!!!!
* One of our college students gave her life to Christ at last week's gathering... and she came back out last night, all the way from Baltimore... even though she's on Spring Break! She's becoming obsessed with Jesus... and I love it!!!
* Worship was good last night, too... here's the set:

- Your Grace is Enough (Tomlin)
- Let God Arise (Tomlin)
- God You Reign (Brewster)
- Amazed (Brewster)

* Yes... I'm a Chris Tomlin and Lincoln Brewster junkie. :)
* The band continues to do an amazing job with limited rehearsal time... you guys make me proud week in & week out!!
* Over the last month or so, we've had a number of deaths of family members of our Mosaic crew... remember those who are still hurting from the loss of loved ones.
* Even in the midst of sadness, though, God tends to bring about joy... in the midst of death, God brings life... and we're excited for Malcolm and Crystal Ceasar, who brought Myles Xavier into the world on yesterday!! YAY, GOD!!! Keep MC and Crystal in your prayers, as they adjust to their new addition! :)
* Yesterday was time for another celebration, as my mom celebrated her 65th birthday! Yay, God!!
* Be praying for Kelly Woody, our Mosaic staffer who is over in Malawi, Africa until next month, working with True Love Waits, Intl. Pray for her success in ministering to the people there, as well as helping out with leadership development.
* We'll be gearing up for another baptism next month... if you're interested, please contact Pastor D soon! Or let your Connection Group leader know, and they'll get the information to the right place...
* Next Sunday night: EXTREME KINDNESS - YOU DON'T WANNA MISS THIS!! If the first two messages have rocked your socks at all, this will leave you shoeless!! (I'm not really sure at all why I just wrote that, but it sounded good, lol!) But seriously...don't miss this and don't come alone! Take a friend out to an early dinner, and then bring them to the Gathering!
* Challenge for the day: practice choosing WHAT'S BEST over WHAT'S LESS... don't settle for less than God's best in your life today!

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