Friday, March 20

Coming Up This Weekend...

Okay... so today, we're hitting the College Park metro station again... passing out the free breakfast bars... looking forward to that! In fact, if it's after 9am Eastern time, we're already done! :) I used to dread going out, because... inevitably... lots of people will say "no", and I hate rejection. But, it's not about me, but about 1) showing people God's love in a very tangible way... as well as 2) creating opportunities for people to hear a potentially life-changing message! And there are many who take the bars... and some will make their way to Mosaic. And that's exciting!!

On Sunday morning, I'll be speaking at Life Church, pastored by my good friend and former professor, Steve Layne. If you're in the Upper Marlboro area, and you're free at 11am, come on thru! ;-)

Sunday night at The Gathering @ Mosaic DC, we'll be continuing our message series EXTREME, with a message entitled Extreme Kindness: Portrait of a Grace Case. CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Spring Break will be over... I'll be there... Jesus will be there... will you be there?? :-)


Karla said...

I just want to encourage anyone who has not gone out to pass out breakfast bars, it's really fun! Even though we couldn't get that involved in street evangelism or whatever you want to call it w/ Mosaic, we loved that about the church. Pastor D is always looking for creative ways to reach people. Honestly, we regret not doing it more! Now that we have more time, we are getting more involved down here in Va Beach!! So, get involved!

Doug Vincent said...

D, keep up the good work, I will continue to pray for your efforts.

Doug Vincent