Sunday, February 15

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Tonight was strange.
* First of all, we had TOO MUCH going on. My bad. Shoulda streamlined this week.
* Secondly, our worship wasn't where it normally is. That was my bad, too. We had a guest worship leader, but I should've communicated with him more about our environment/flavor.
* I'll be back leading next week. :-)
* Great baptism service, though! Justin's testimony was on point... and dude invited a rack of people!
* I think the message was clear and to the point: here's what baptism is, and here's why we do it. Who gets to get in the water... and why!!!
* In fact, it was SO clear, that I think someone got offended and left in the middle of the message! That was a FIRST for me... pretty sweet, I must say! :-)
* I really don't know what the couple left... but it was pretty much in the middle of me talking about what baptism is not... who doesn't get to get in the water!
* But, I also have to say, that even though I was clear... I think I was pretty graceful. Didn't "beat up" on Catholics... or even Presbyterians, lol! (JUST kidding, my Covenant friends!)
* We have another baptism in two weeks... that is just going to be OFF THE CHAIN!!!
* Can't wait to preach again next week... I love speaking to our people!
* I spoke this past Saturday morning at a Singles' Breakfast at The New Macedonia Baptist Church in DC... where Patrick Walker is the Senior Pastor. Rick (that's what his friends call him) is one of the best visionary leaders I've ever met... LOVE that guy! He entrusted me with his leaders, a couple of years ago, to come in for about a year and do some small group consulting (one of my passions) and we got their Small Groups Ministry off the ground... great to see them still flourishing!
* This coming Sunday morning, I speak at Central Union Baptist Church in DC... can't wait for that! Pastor James Lee and I went to Bible college together... he's a tremendous teacher and an awesome man of God. We're gonna have a great time together!
* The one thing I love about having evening services is that it gives me the opportunity to minister elsewhere at times... can't do it too often, because Mosaic is still my top priority... but it's good to be able to share with others, as well.
* Keda and I saw Taken last night... GREAT MOVIE, a must-see! ;-)
* We also ate at Carrabbas... omg(osh)! That food was off the chain!! Had never gone there before, but I'll definitely be visiting there again!
* Well, our Connection Groups are doing great... we've got almost 75% participation! That is SWEET! In a college town, it's hard (no matter what my friend Nelson Searcy says, lol) to get 100%, because the students are so busy on campus... and many have their own campus ministry groups they meet with. But seeing that the nat'l average for small group participation is somewhere around 30%, I ain't complaining! ;-)
* I had a great time this week down in Tampa/St. Petersburg with Nelson and the Sr. Pastors Coaching Network that he leads... good stuff, learning a lot... we'll be seeing the fruit from this for years to come, I'm sure!
* Nelson is a TREMENDOUS leader... if you're a pastor or church planter, and are not familiar with his ministry, you'll do yourself and your church a HUGE favor by checking him out here.
* Forgot to mention tonight: my main man Chris Li is leaving for CHINA this Tuesday!! He'll be studying there for 6-12 months... and we're gonna miss him BIGTIME! (not quite as much as his fiancee', I'm sure) Chris has been very active with the Media Ministry, and is a budding leader. PLEASE PRAY FOR SAFE TRAVELS FOR HIM... and that God will protect him and grow him while he's there. If you're a Mosaic-ite, drop Chris some love on his Facebook wall, y'all! :-)
* Mosaic... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thanks for giving me the awesome opportunity to serve you!!!!

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Kevin Davis said...

Tried to see Taken the other night too - but it was the only one to sell out - sucked.