Sunday, February 8

Sunday Nite Speak!

* I'd been recovering from pneumonia since Thursday, so I was unable to either speak or lead worship tonight...
* ..but I got by with a little help from my friends! Pastor Vic Simpson of Emmanuel Church in Huntingtown, MD filled in for me tonight, and did an AWESOME JOB (once again) with the message! Vic's no stranger to Mosaic... he's been out a few times now, and is always very encouraging and leaves a big impact!
* Also, my friend Matt Morgan, who pastors Reston Community Church, came out and led the worship... dude is LIKE THAT!! I'd only heard Matt once before, at the Whiteboard Sessions, and I knew I had to have him out. Glad he was able to lead for us tonight! He brought along his worship leader and a bass player, too... great worship tonight!
* Then, finally... my good friend William Brew, quite arguably the BADDEST DRUMMER AROUND THESE PARTS... well, at least, he's got MY vote! Brew and I think alot alike when it comes to ministry (he turned me on to Delirious, too), and I'm glad he was finally able to make it out to Mosaic. Brew serves as the Worship Pastor (how many drummers can do that??) at Zion Church.
* So, Vic closed out our INFLUENCE series with a message entitled, One Adventure Leads to Another... and he was ON it! God definitely spoke to me thru Vic, about letting go of my comfort zone... and trusting Him to provide. "There's no such thing as a 'comfort zone' when you're on an adventure with God!"
* Great experience tonight... thanks to all my Mosaic peeps, for stepping up to the plate today - what a crazy weekend! It's good to know that I can count on things getting done, even when things are outside the norm... even when it calls for sacrifice... love you guys!
* Feel like I'm turning the corner with the pneumonia thingy... gonna rest all day tomorrow, and then I should be alot better!
* Can't wait to fly out to Tampa on Wednesday, to meet with my Pastors Coaching Network led by Nelson Searcy! This has been a tremendous learning environment for me... I'd encourage any church planter or pastor to look into this network!
* Received a really encouraging email from this guy... his wisdom utterly astounds me at times. One only need listen to him for a few minutes to know with certainty that he spends alot of time with God. He reminds me somewhat (as far as wisdom) of THIS DUDE, who I had the privilege of having lunch with almost 10 years ago in Atlanta.
* Dr. Blackaby offered to mentor me every week as long as he could, but I couldn't fit it in my schedule. WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING BACK THEN???? As one author says, that one would fall under the theological category of "Don't be stupid!" (I still can't believe I turned down that offer...")
* I absolutely hate the transition between football and baseball seasons...
* Looking for ways to bless our community this month... we have absolutely dropped the ball in this area, but we're gonna make up for that!!
* Looking forward to our next couple of series... you'll be hearing in a couple of days about the next one!
* My good friend, Dave Anderson, was just in town this past week... and we weren't able to hook up. That sucks (you did try, though, D...sorry I couldn't make it happen). I really love that guy... we met at Elevation Church almost 2 years ago, and just bonded. Don't you love when that happens???
* We've got two baptisms coming up within three weeks... THAT is what I'm talking about! I'm SO AMPED about that, I don't know what to do! Can't wait!
* It will be 80 degrees in Tampa this week... and, yes, I will call Keda and rub it in. :-)
* Our youngest son, Seth, reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs... he's not really mischievous, but he's full of energy and smiles and laughs all the time!!
* Is it okay to eat gummy worms when you have pneumonia?? :-)
*Well, off to bed... nothing but reading and studying tomorrow... YEAH, BABY!

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Kevin Davis said...

Cool man - especially the baptisms - they are so awesome. I just got to take part in baptizing 3 people last night - it was awesome.