Sunday, January 4

Sunday Nite Speak!

* We had a really good service tonight... attendance picked up a little... not what it usually is, but better than last week!
* Good number of guests tonight, too!
* Led worship again in Karla's place, for the second week in a row... really enjoyed it! Funny, because I really had thought the music aspect of my ministry was pretty much done. :-)
* I did WAY too much in the service tonight, though... it was like the "Pastor D Show"! Gotta tweak... can't have that happen again.
* I love the fact that Chuy has incorporated a violinist in our band... Robert, you never cease to amaze me... you bring such an incredible richness to our sound. Glad you're part of the team, bro!
* Jeff, good to see you on the board tonight... sound was great!
* Justin, loved the motion graphics!!
* One person indicated they are renewing their commitment to Christ! YAY, GOD!!!
* Here was the line-up for tonight:

Worship Set:

*Majestic (Lincoln Brewster)
*Here is Our King (Crowder)
*Grace Flows Down (Passion Band)


*Beautiful One (By the Tree)
*He Knows My Name (Tommy Walker)

Video: "What About Resolutions?"

Message: "Real Change", Lk. 5:33-39

* Thought the message went well... had one point:"Real change is when my will changes." Clear, concise... hopefully, compelling! ;-)
* I know some theologues will take issue with that point, and say "But doesn't change happen when your heart changes?" Yes! But as the heart is our "seat of emotions", I'm simply using the term interchangeably. Besides, "real" and "will" kinda rhyme. ;-)
* Change is the only thing in our lives that is constant... but one of the hardest things for us to do personally. And like Extreme Makeover, Home Edition... God doesn't just want to change "the plumbing" or the "roof" of our lives.. He wants to totally renovate us, from the inside out.
* Too many of us settle for "pseudo-transformation": we're not really interested in changing; we just want to "get a little bit better." We don't want "new wine"... we've gotten used to the old, and convince ourselves that it's better (read here).
* Next week... our new message series, INFLUENCE: Making a Difference in Your World... don't miss it!
* NFL Playoffs started this weekend! Even with my Cowboys out, I still love this time of year!
* Going out on a limb here: my Super Bowl teams pick is Giants vs. Steelers... with the Steelers as the 2008 NFL CHAMPIONS!


Gail said...

Darren, I pray that the Lord continues to bless your ministry. We had our first meeting as Reformation Alive Baptist Church yesterday. We had a great time in the Lord. There were about 55 people in attnendance. Please pray for Pastor Redmond and all of us who are steping out on faith.


Kevin Davis said...

Happy New Year D-Plum. I spent some time with some really good friends this weekend, who happen to be interracial and through our discussions was reminded of my burden for pastors like you and churches like what you are leading. I'm praying for you today.