Sunday, December 28

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* Tonight at Mosaic was a good service... even though the attendance was WOEFULLY low!!!
* Jose, you really helped me out ALOT tonight, man! ;-)
* Our worship directors were out of town today, and so yours truly was respondible for the music. It had been quite awhile since I dd the music for an entire service...felt good! Can't wait to do it again next week!
* Well, we're winding down another year... how was your 2008? :-)
* MEGA-EXCITED about what's in store for us in 2009!!! Got some changes coming up... some good, some not so good... but it's all good, know what I'm sayin? :-)
* Looking forward to January at Mosaic... January thru March will set the pace for our entire year! I'm expecting some HUGE THINGS from God this year! He can do it!!
* Got some good posts coming up this week... stay tuned!!
* Had a great Christmas this week... it was good having some quiet family time!
* DJ, my oldest son, turned 12 this past week... AIYAIYAI!!! Next thing you know, he'll be headed off to college (scary thought!!).
* On to football...
* Can't even believe the Cowboys... had so much hope for them this year. Ahhh, defeats like today remind you of what it really important in life.
* Didn't see the game, but apparently those Eagles played inspired ball... they went BANANAS on my team! And it was fitting, because from the highlights the Cowboys played like a buncha monkeys! Good gracious modacious, we got our hineys kicked!!
* The Chargers were in the same predicament as the Cowboys: win, or sit home thru the playoffs. And they played like a team possessed! 52 points... crazy. Their running back LaDainian Thompson had the quote of the week: "This was a playoff game for us. We couldn't control what Denver did, but we wanted to play with pride." Hmmm... someone should stick that quote up on the front door of the Cowboys locker room. PLAY FOR PRIDE!!
* I just heard football analyst Chris Collinsworth say that the Cowboys are "the disappointment of the NFL this year." Ouch.
* Wonder what the Dallas headlines will read tomorrow or later this week about coaching changes? Hmmm...
* Was a little bummed that I didn't get a call to travel with the UMD football team this coming week for their bowl game in Boise, ID. But then I got to thinking: Idaho... December... cold weather... hey, I'm cool with stayin' home!! :-)
* Okay... off to read some more Sinner, by Ted Dekker... good stuff!

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