Monday, December 8

Sunday Nite Speak!

I'm really tired, so just a few bullets tonight! :-)

* Good service tonight! Band was ON! Jose... glad to see you on the keys! ;-)
* We ate up WAY TOO MUCH time before the message tonight... that was totally my fault (planned for 5 songs PLUS Communion). But it turned out good, because we spent ALOT of time in worship... and sometimes, the soul needs that. ;-)
* I felt rushed tonight, because I got up to late to speak... but Keda said she thought the message was great... and I got some positive feedback from others, as well. Funny how our messages are sometimes perceived... can't settle, tho, cuz I can always get WAY better!
* Regardless, I thought we set the stage for the Just Walk Across the Room series pretty good!
* Attendance was back up tonight... sweet!
* We had 2 people renew their commitment to Christ tonight... YAY, GOD!!!
* UMD Men's soccer team made the Final Four... way to do it, guys!
* Cowboys lost a heartbreaker tonight... only comfort was that the Redskins, Giants, and especially the Falcons lost tonight! So, the 'Boys have moved into the sixth and final playoff spot... for now. Stay tuned! ;-)

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