Friday, December 5

Friday Finale!!

Okay... here are some highlights of the past week... or two... and some upcoming things, as well:

1. We had the lowest attendance in over three months this past Sunday... but it still was higher than every Sunday except one in 2007. We still almost tripled our attendance from last November to this one. That's good growth... in fact, that's just good, period. ;-)

2. I have reconnected with over 10 friends from my old teenage-years neighborhood... you've just gotta love Facebook!

3. Spoke awhile to my barber today, after he cut my hair... it was so hard to connect with him spiritually because that dude has a conspiracy theory about everything! But I LOVE knowing that because God loves him, I know he's "savable." I can't do it... but Jesus can. Who has God placed in your path... across your office... living next door to you... that He wants to save?

4. Became FB friends with a few of the guys from the UMD football team this week... love that Facebook!

5. I'll be doing my first wedding in a couple of weeks... pumped about that! These are new believers, who are excited about living for Jesus... their desire to obey God is so refreshing!

6. Just Walk Across the Room starts this Sunday at Mosaic... 5:30pm! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SERIES!! I know I say that all the time... but, all the time... IT'S TRUE!! Would love to see you there... bring a friend! :-)

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