Saturday, November 1

Newcomers Luncheon

We had our first Newcomers Luncheon today... we did it on a Saturday, as opposed to Sunday, because we meet in the evening and this is just better for everyone for now. But we had a great time! We've had several Partnership classes, but this was the first "pre-Partnership" event that we've held. There were around 20 of us, including a few staffers, and everyone was excited about being out together...

It was especially good, because we had about 12 college students... and it's usually pretty difficult connecting with them outside of Sundays. But they were excited to be there, and excited about being a part of Mosaic, as well. We had one particular question that someone asked during the Q&A: "One of the values on Mosaic's website says 'Diversity of race and culture'... how do you propose that will happen?" Ooooh.
Well, the truth is... it's already happening! As many know, we started off with a small core of people... all African-American... and with a desire to see our little group grow to look different than how it started. And it has! Now, even though as the Lead Pastor I'm African-American, whites make up more than 50% of our congregation... We've been very intentional with our music from the beginning, and we're becoming more intentional with staffing. This time next year, I'm praying that God will lead us to have very diverse staff (paid, volunteer, and interns) in place. I believe He'll do it! ;-)

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