Monday, November 3

Monday Reflections on Sunday Nite

* Last night was probably the best night in the history of Mosaic DC! At least, it felt that way to me! Everything cranked, from beginning to end... exciting times! Very capping night to a very great weekend!

* 70 people last night... highest attendance to date! Might not sound like alot to some of you, but when you start with 13 people, breaking the 65 barrier is an awesome thing! ;-)

* The band was awesome! Full band, even had a violinist! (Rob... you CRANKED, btw!)

* Did a part 1 of Leaving Boldly: Leaving a Legacy That Lasts... spoke from Luke 8, about the woman with the 12-year menstrual flow ("issue of blood" for you KJV'ers). She had spent everything she had trying to find a "cure", but to no avail. Helpless... and hopeless. Yet Jesus, who (and we tend to overlook this) in His humanity was always submitted to and obedient to the Father stopped what He was doing to tend to her. He was on His way to "do ministry", but paused to take care of a need. And because of His submission to His Father, He was able to give out of what He had (power within) to heal her. We may not have that same "power", but God has placed inside of us something more valuable than anything we could ever own: the message of the Good News of Jesus. There are so many people around us hurting and confused, trying to discover significance and meaning anywhere they can find it... and they need to be pointed to Jesus. Our legacy won't be determined by what we accumulate to leave behind, but by what we've given away. And the greatest thing we can give someone is an opportunity to hear the life-changing news of Jesus Christ!

* Although the service was great, we've gotta tweak our transitions... a little crusty last night. I think I blew a cue a couple of times. :-)

* People are getting more involved, and it's an awesome thing! We've gotta have more visible "on ramps", though... people have to be able to see clearly how they can get involved.

* We have a new Catholic family that's coming out... LOVE IT! They love the interaction with the Scrips, and enjoy the worshipful atmosphere!

* On other-than-ministry news, my Cowboys aren't doing well at all... somebody needs to point them to Jesus, too! :-)

* We're gonna need more chairs soon! Or ANOTHER WORSHIP SPACE! Either way, God's gonna have to do it... need your prayers! ;-)

* Oh... one final note from Luke 8: the text doesn't say it, but it is implied - somehow, obviously, this woman had heard about Jesus and went to Him to be healed. As you know (or may not have known), she merely "touched the fringe of His robe" and was immediately healed. A few minutes later, the whole crowd heard her testimony about why she touched Jesus, and how she had been healed. Maybe she had just overheard the news about a miracle worker named Jesus... or maybe, just maybe... someone urged her to take her situation to Jesus. Whatever it was, an entire crowd became the audience for her testimony. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE DOMINO-EFFECT OF TELLING ONE PERSON ABOUT THE LIFE-CHANGING MESSAGE OF JESUS! ;-)


Anonymous said... was amazing last night! im telling you 100 ppl by dec 31. I know we can do it! Ur cowboys needs some serious help....get ready to see my skins shine tonite! I liked the emphasis on not forgetting the humanity of Christ. that is sooo huge!


1) My Cowboys suck to high heavens. :-)

2) Last night was AMAZING. Everybody's excited about what's happening. People outside of Mosaic are prob'ly trippin that WE'RE trippin over 70 ppl... but they just don't know, do they?? :-)

3) I agree... 100 ppl by year's end! It feels good to be running out of chairs/space! God must be up to something... He's like that! ;-)


Curtis said...

AWWW cousin, I didn't know you were a cowgirl fan, but you gotta understand we had to give ya'll the business yesterday....and make sure you let Bev know I said "tough break Jim" LOL!!! matter fact, I'ma shoot her an email as well

Eric Bryant said...

So glad it went well! I had so much fun with you guys! Tell all hello!

Rice said...

Darren-I just wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and hearing about the exciting developments at Mosaic. I know God has big things in store for you and He is sooo faithful. My faith has really been stretched from the start of The Bridge to now. Keep the faith and they will come...looking forward to sitting in your overflow room soon ;).


Eric: thx for the encouragement, buddy! We really enjoyed having you with us this past May, and look forward to your return! ;-)

Rice: thx for your encouraging words, too. This has been an awesome journey, and God continues to prove His faithfulness in unbelievable ways. We, too, look EXPECTANTLY for the overflow! ;-) So, you're at The Bridge w/my buddy Jumaine? Glad to hear that!!