Monday, September 22

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Tonight's gathering was decent... energy was low, though. But good night, overall, I think. \

* We continued the series, GOD'S DREAM TEAM, with a message "Everybody Plays"! There are no "benchwarmers" on God's team... no reserve players, because everyone starts! There are no "superstars" on God's team... we're all "role players", with specific functions to fulfill. In God's design, He has equipped all of His followers (players) with all they need to accomplish what He's called them to do. We all play; there are to be no "sideline stayers."

* We're continuing to get more students out... YAY, GOD!!

* Still reeling from my time at Granger this past week... crazy good stuff.

* We're losing one of our top volunteers after next Sunday... the "Talented Ms. Delashmitt" (Amelia... lover of all things creative) is moving to Nebraska to be closer to her soon-to-be-husband. She'll be missed tremendously!

* In much prayer, as we're looking for some people to step up to the leadership plate. God is sending more and more people our way... the leadership challenge is a reality; but it's also a good one to have! ;-)

* Starting to feel less like a church planter, and more like a pastor... in a good sense (please don't email me about that being the first sign of becoming "inward"). I think sometimes we church planters can become so focused on gaining new people that we forget that we still have a responsibility to pastor people. I'm reading the memoirs of two former great pastors, whose ministries and writings I've long admired: Stuart Briscoe and Calvin Miller. These men were two of the first pastors whose ministries I got turned onto as a young soon-to-be minister. Their writings have blessed my life tremendously.

* My Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with, baby! REDSKINS NEXT!!!

* Scored a free ticket to Catalyst!! Can't wait... should be GOOD!!

* Verizon's back on their game... they've got our DSL back up, so I'm working from home tomorrow... MUCH READING to be done!

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