Sunday, July 6

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Great way to kick off our GOD ON FILM series tonight!! The Gathering was awesome! Great way to end a really tough week!
* The Hulk: Dealing With Anger turned out to be a really good message, I think... although, I could've used more "scene illustrations" from the movie. Got rolling... felt good... and forgot to use my notes! :-)
* Once you truly understand why God gets angry (only at sin), you begin to be more intentional with separating anger from things like irritations, disappointments, hurt feelings, ect. Most of us get angry for any- and everything that bothers us!
* Looking forward to doing Get Smart next Sunday, as we deal with the topic of "wisdom!"
* Looking forward to getting together with our design team tomorrow evening!
* Received this message from one a member of our team tonight... encouraging notes like this make pastors feel like they'd charge hell with a water pistol for their team:

"My parents enjoyed [the message] tremendously, and they like that you are so hands-on and relational, you made a great impression on them. Thanks, man, for being you."

* You've gotta see this video that Amelia, one of our team members, did... freakin' hilarious, man! Btw, that's me, and two other guys from Mosaic, Justin and Chris!

* Big community servant evangelism outing planned for July 26... STAY TUNED!!!! DON'T MISS IT!!!
* Saw Wanted this past week... good movie! Looking forward to preaching about that!
* Keda rode on a motorcyle with my good friend, Shawn, yesterday... she loved it!! She had been looking forward to that ride for about 2 months... she finally got it! I'll post pics soon...
* And I rode a 4-wheeler for the first time yesterday... right into a ditch! DOH!!!! No pictures for that, fortunately! ;-)
* Got a chance to talk to my good buddy this past week... LOVE this dude, cuz he's so encouraging! Thanks for the phone call, man! (btw, I'd be jealous of you getting an iPhone... but I have an iPod Touch, which isn't too bad, lol!)
* Getting pretty antsy waiting for the football season!
* Found out recently that one of my best friends' son, Andre "Mann" Dawkins, made a verbal commitment to play at Duke, beginning in 2010... wow! Mann will be a junior in high school this next year... and is already 6'5", and almost 200 lbs... sheesh! Great to see him doing so well. Proud of you, Mann! And I promise to only root against you when you guys play the Terps!!!! ;-)


Scott williams said...

Cool to see your Gon On Film serieskicked off well. Our people look forward to At the Movies every summer.


Dave Anderson (Moviepastor) said...

Hey Good Buddy - enjoyed talking to you too. I'll be up there next week. I want to shoot a promotional video in DC one evening for my message "was Jesus a republican?" It would be cool to shoot it in front of the whitehouse or the capitol or one of the monuments. Think we could hook up down there someplace?


Thanks, Scott! I might need to get some creative ideas from you!