Wednesday, July 9

Rollin', Rollin'!!

She finally got it... ... the motorcyle ride she's been waiting for for TWO MONTHS! One of my best friends, Shawn, had been promising Keda a ride on his bike... and, this past weekend, she finally got her wish!

About two years ago... right next door to where we live... a Harley-Davidson shop was built... and a "secret love affair" was born, haha! I didn't know it then, but Kee started really becoming interested in bikes, and has been longing to take a ride on one for a while (no, I don't DO motorcycles, thank you very much). So, I'm glad she got her wish...

Doesn't she look cute? :-)

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Rindy Walton said...

Pass this on to her... YOU GO GIRL!!! ;)