Friday, July 18


Hey... THIS SUNDAY... the movie we're highlighting at MOSAIC DC is Wanted... and we'll be talking about becoming people of PURPOSE! I know, I know... we've heard countless messages on purpose before, haven't we? But, you know what? For all the talking people have done on that topic, it must not really be getting through... because there are still countless people who live purposeless lives every day. But the good news is: that's not what God wants for us... He wants us to be crystal clear about our purpose... He wants us to live with meaning, to exist for something larger than ourselves!

So, if you've got some time Sunday evening... drop by and pay us a visit at Mosaic. Our service is just a little over an hour, so you'll still be able to get home in time to relax and get ready for another work week. Check out our GOD ON FILM message this Sunday... and let's learn together about what God has to say about making our lives count! :-)

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