Thursday, July 17

Catalyst on the Road

Had a chance to chill with the Catalyst Road Crew tonight at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse in downtown DC... great guys! And it was great hanging out with some other pastor friends, as well: Matt Morgan, Pastor of Reston Community Church; Jumaine Jones, Lead pastor of The Bridge; and Atiba de Souza, Pastor of Vision Runners Int'l.

LV Hanson was a great host, and Mack and Tripp were incredible, too... I can't believe these guys get to drive around the country and talk to cats like us! The cool thing is that they weren't asking us for anything (not that we would've minded) - they weren't like, "Hey, we'd really like you guys to get the word out about Catalyst, and help us get some more people to our conference!" No! They were there to hear our stories, and to encourage us!

Left a big impact on me: that these guys would be willing to drive to who-knows-where to meet with... who knows? But what a way to connect with people and make new friends! Hey, if I had to give up my day job to switch places with them, I'd do it! ;-)

LV... you are the dude of dudes! Thanks for hooking this up! It was great meeting you, man... and I'll get a God-story over to you soon! ;-)

Mack... you're name's ALREADY cool, dude! BIG MACK!!! D-PLUM can't even beat that!! ;-)

Tripp... is that FREAKIN' CRAZY?? That we probably met each other back in 1997 during my VERY BRIEF INTERN STINT at your home church?? Good NIGHT, that's insane!! That is just TOO crazy, my man! PLEASE tell Buddy that I miss him and would love to connect with him!!

Also, shout-outs to one of my "Mosaic Mentees", Xavier, for hangin' with me tonight... love you, bro! JT and Patrice... great seeing you again! Kelli Wise... great meeting you, and hope to see you out at Mosaic soon! ;-) Drew, would love to hear more about Common Ground, and Chris - blessings on the new venture, man... may God richly bless your calling and endeavor!

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