Monday, June 2

Monday Reflections...

* Sunday's worship gathering was cool... we need to pick up the energy some with the music... but overall it was cool.
* We're definitely getting an early whiff of what the summertime attendance could be like...
* Experienced the Spirit's moving the message in a different direction than I had planned... it's so cool when He does that. Scary... but cool!
* Had a guest drummer out... he hasn't been attending anywhere, but wants to start coming out to Mosaic... YAY, GOD!!
* One more week in Ruth... the Girl Gone Mild series has been awesome!
* Keda thinks I can shorten up the messages a tad... but, nonetheless, she's still my biggest encourager! This is what she text'd me today: "Message was 100% good... u make me proud every week! U drop that word 4 real... I c the people enjoying it!"
* Received a call today to do a men's prayer breakfast in a couple of weeks... I love speaking to men!!
* We have a few people committed so far to going to Innovate '08! Not only will the conference be great... but so will the road trip!
* Attending the 6th grade Graduation for my oldest son tomorrow! Man, time sure does fly fast!! Can't believe the boy is going to middle school... sheesh!
* I'm constantly awed at the provision and wisdom of our great God!
* We're still praying and looking for a place to meet on Sunday mornings!
* Character Counts: I was trying to locate an old Bible college professor who I hadn't talked to in a couple of years... he was my favorite prof - a masterful teacher of the Pauline epistles and Greek. I couldn't find his email address, so I Google'd him... found out via several articles that he was arrested last year for embezzling a church out of nearly $500,000! WHA--??????? That scared the stink outta me, and made me even more committed to guarding my heart!!!
* A friend of mine challenged me with this verse years ago, and I've never forgotten it... Lord Jesus, help me to always honor You!!

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