Friday, May 30

LA vs BOSTON: The New Generation

Well, this is what everyone was waiting for... the "new generation" rematch of the Lakers/Celtics. Long gone are the days of Magic vs. Bird, Byron Scott vs. Dennis Johnson, Jabbar vs. Parrish, and Worthy vs. McHale. Now, bring on: Kobe vs. Pierce, Gasol vs. KG, Derrick Fisher vs. Ray Allen. New names, same intensity.

Kobe and Derrick Fisher have been there before... the "Big Three" of Boston haven't. Yet and still, this will hopefully be a series to be remembered. And how about Garnett? Talk about cool... the dude has ice water running through his veins! When ESPN correspondent Michelle Tafoya asked him immediately following the game how he felt now that they've reached their goal of getting to the finals, KG responded, "I don't know, Michelle... I feel kinda neutral." Neutral?? Talk about focused! As far as he's concerned, until he wins a ring, they haven't reached their goal...

Wow. Heart of a real champion.

Hey, this will be HUGE, folks! I'm personally pulling for the Lakers. But I guarantee you the NBA Finals ratings will be the highest in years, no matter who wins...

... and I'll be front and center, watching (hopefully) every game!

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