Thursday, June 5

Hit Me One Time!

Isn't it amazing how you can read a Scripture time and time again, over a long period of time... and still have it hit you in the gut? That's what THIS verse did to me today... especially in light of the fact that I'm teaching through the book of Ruth, and in chapter 4 we find Boaz redeeming Naomi and Ruth... even though he might have to risk endangering his own property. Their redemption - especially Ruth's - was so valuable to him that no cost was too high for Boaz to pay.

And that's what Jesus did for us: He paid the ultimate price in order to secure our redemption: it cost Him HIS VERY LIFE!!! A King's ransom was paid on our behalf... to set us free.

"The ransom for a life is costly..."

Now, THAT will preach! ;-)

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