Sunday, April 27

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Enjoyed our gathering tonight! Still getting first-timers out... way cool! Communion was great!

* Brian & Chuy... way to go with the music! Nice blend tonight...

* Justin, you're doing a MAHVELOUS job with the media presentations! I know we drive you a little "nuts" with last-minute stuff, but thanks for your professional attitude with everything! ;-) Malcolm, you're the bomb bruh, as always!

* Our First Impressions team is getting better and better. They help to create such a warm and friendly environment... we couldn't hit it without them!

* Finished up the A Heroic Life message series... kinda glad that's over. Went just "okay"; could've connected some things better, I think. We'll do something either on the Book of Ruth or on Character after the anniversary gathering...

* My buddy, Mark from Washington BIble College and his girlfriend, Cathy, came out tonight... GREAT seeing them! Wish Mark lived closere; he's a great guy, would love to have him on the team.

* Next week, we're rockin' the house, baby!! ;-) We won't really celebrate another church anniversary until probably year 5, so don't miss this one! Can't wait to hear Eric Bryant... I think our folk are gonna love him!

* Okay... REALLY tired tonight... off to bed EARLY for a change! :-)

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Johnny said...

Say "hi" to Eric when he comes over. It was very cool to hook up on Monday