Tuesday, April 8

Steppin' Out!...

Keda's getting a tattoo today... in fact, she just called and said she's about to "go under." Honestly, I wasn't too crazy about the idea at first, when she talked to me about it a few weeks ago. But there was a time when I wanted an earring (shut up), so hey... I probably wouldn't get one (tattoo) myself, but I think it's cool that she wants to "step out of the box." She's been pretty ultra-conservative most of her life, so this shakes things up a little. :-) I still like certain earrings, but I'll be 40 in a month and I might've missed that "window" a few years ago... haha.

Her tattoo will be one of the nicknames I have for her... can't wait to see it later this afternoon! ;-)

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Rindy Walton said...

You go girl! ;) (obviously that was for your wife)--there are no limits--keep stepping out!

You go Darren! (that one's for you ;) )--great to you supporting her stepping out!

Very cool!