Monday, April 7

Monday's Musings from Sunday

* First of all, Joel Vestal was great... it was really good having him at our community to speak! He spoke on being people of compassion, especially toward those who are less fortunate or in difficult situations. I appreciated the fact that he didn't come from your average "missionary perspective", but really emphasized how we're called to live compassionate lives... whether it's toward people who are across the street or across the sea!

* We've had better worship gatherings, but last night was still good. Numbers were up for the 2nd week in a row... even though there were some people missing! Feels like we're getting into a groove! ;-)

* Can't wait until our 1-year anniversary celebration on May 4! I also turn 40 on that day!! YAY, GOD!! Memorable occasion, on both counts! If you're free, you definitely need to make your way out... great speaker, great connections, great food.... we'll have just a great time overall... you won't be disappointed!

* I was still really tired yesterday from the West Coast trip... the fam and I went to church in the a.m., as one of our good friends was celebrating his church's 6-year anniversary. I was dozing off during their service, and found myself dozing off later at Mosaic, too! That time change and jet lag thing is no joke... really.

* Feeling much better today, though! Getting alot done, even though I got a later start than I wanted. Wish the sun were out, though...

* Connected with a couple of people at Starbucks today... an old friend, Kevin, who used to cut my hair... and Kenya, the manager of the Blockbuster next door. Kenya said she'll be coming to Mosaic on Sunday with her family. Pray that they come. Kevin works at the Home Depot in the same shopping center as Starbucks... I took him a coffee and donut once, and I could tell today that it really connected with him... hopefully I'll be able to hook up with him soon!

* One of the guests last night was commenting on the amount of diversity we have at Mosaic... it really is an amazing thing! God's definitely been gracious...

* We've got some more pics to post... we'll get them up soon!

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