Wednesday, April 23

It Pays to Connect!

We're launching our CONNECTION GROUPS this week... and, last night, my group had the honor of "kicking off" the first group in our Connections Groups season! Everyone had a really great time... and it was really awesome, because we've been intentional about holding off on groups for the better part of a year, while we focused on our large group environment (our worship gatherings). It definitely paid off, because people began to crave community... so it was just a matter of getting things structured and off the ground... and the people did the rest by eagerly getting in the groups!

We held a Connection Groups Vision Nite/Q&A last week that went really well, and helped to set the tone for the launch of our groups. So, we've got about 80% of our partners/regular attenders involved so far! Everyone's pumped and ready to see what God's going to do through these groups... and in their individual lives, as well!

I've been committed to groups for quite awhile now, because I know that what happens in a group context can happen no where else in the church. God never expects us to grow in isolation, and connection (small) groups give us the opportunity to learn from and grow with one another in community.

GROUPS... don't do life without 'em! ;-)

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