Monday, March 24

Monday Musings...

* AWESOME worship gathering last night!!!! Probably the BEST we've had in awhile! Not so much numbers-wise... we had a good number of first-timers, but also had some folk away, so it pretty much balanced out. But great time, nonetheless!

* By far, the most diverse gathering we've had so far... just incredibly cool!

* Some of our first-time guests are musicians... who aren't attending church anywhere, but are looking for a place to get plugged in... can you say, "YAY, GOD!!!!"?

* My Dad came out last night! First time he's heard me preach in about 7 years! And he signed up for a Connection Group! YAY, GOD!

* The band CRANKED!! And I could really hear the congregation singing!!!

* I think the message went good! Preached on The Resurrection Changes Everything! Without the resurrections, we'd have a dead savior... who isn't God, we'd have no power to please God in this life, and we'd have no hope for life beyond the grave. THE RESURRECTION CHANGES EVERYTHING!

* A bunch of us headed to Applebee's to hang out after our worship gathering... GOOD TIMES!

* Connected with the waitress who served us... she's a drama major at the university... pray that she comes out to our gathering!

* Some of our guests hung out with us, too... I think they're coming back Sunday! ;-)

* Haven't really been keeping up with March Madness... heard Georgetown got bounced already... wow.

* Communion is this coming Sunday... I love our Communion gatherings!!

* Keda and I had breakfast this morning with Pastor Jumaine and his wife Dafnette at Eggspectations... we'd never been there before, but it definitely won't be our last time... man, that food is EGGCELLENT!! ;-)

* Another Mosaic Partnership Class on this coming Saturday!

* Dad called me last night... he said, "Hey, Pastor D!! I think I like calling you that!" ;-)


Csteven Anderson said...

Pastor D,
Keep posting and keep pushing on God's vision for your church. Just a word of anonymous encouragement from a brother in Christ! Visit me at

Be blessed


Thanks, Cory! Liked your site! ;-)