Wednesday, March 12

Confession: I'm Not a Super-Pastor!

Don't even get it twisted: I'm not a superhuman, super-spiritual, got-all-the-answers pastor. I'm just not. Sometimes I argue with my wife... I yell at my kids... I don't feel like studying... I snore... I fart... my feet stink... I'm sorry... I'm keeping it real. I'm not your Super Pastor. I'm just not.

If that scares you, join the crowd... sometimes I scare myself! But I do love Jesus... with all my heart... and I want to be all that He wants me to be. Truth is, though... I need all the prayer I can get! Church planting isn't for punks and sissies... there's more spiritual warfare to deal with in starting churches than you'd ever imagine. So, I don't fool myself into thinking that Satan can care less about what I'm doing. He hates it... and he wants to take me out, as well as anybody who is believing God for the impossible... and who wants to see the fame of God's name proclaimed everywhere!

I just found out that the pastor of Revolution Church in California recently left his wife and 2 kids for another woman in his church... and I'm not dumb enough to believe that something like that couldn't happen to me. I have to constantly stay on-guard to protect my heart from those kinds of traps. It's not easy... but God promises us strength, if we'll trust in Him (Ps. 24:14). I love Jesus... with all my heart. Following Him is not easy, but He gives us the grace to do it. Still, the sobering thought is that I'm capable of committing the most grievous, heinous sins... because I'm not some super-spiritual, always-do-the-right-thing person.

I love Jesus with all my heart, and I'm fulfilling the mission He's called me to... but I do it without a big "S" on my chest.

Mark Beeson, one of my "pastors from afar", has a great post on how comparing the stealth of a bobcat and how our enemy stalks us... read it here.

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