Thursday, February 21


Had a slight scare today... while at our Church Planters' Network meeting, my right eye began to tear a little, then after awhile it began to throb something terrible! I mean, it was REALLY hurting! And any amount of light... especially sunlight... almost made my knees buckle, that's how painful it was.

I immediately began to think of my surgery a couple of years ago (for those who don't know, I was diagonsed with glaucoma when I was twelve... and have had a couple of surgeries, the most recent being in '06). I have in my eye what's called a "bleb" (a little bubble that forms over the incision from the surgery and fills with fluid, which decreases the pressure on the eyeball... a good thing), and that's where the pain was centered. I went straight to the doctor, and he informed me that the bleb had a pinhole and is leaking... thus the pain.

So, he gave me an antiobiotic, and I return to see him in the morning. Everything is probably cool... I do feel better... but please pray: bleb infections can be dangerous.

I'll keep you posted... thanks for your prayers!

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